5 Times Cassper Nyovest Vowed To K.O AKA At Their Upcoming Boxing Match

Cassper Nyovest has opened up about how serious he takes his love for boxing, so much that he one day wants to become a professional boxer. Saying that the rapper is eager to get into the ring with his long time nemesis AKA would be an under statement, as we have receipts of just how much he is ready for the moment.

Cassper’s background in boxing as a hobby could easily play to his advantage as we’ve witnessed the rapper throw a deadly punch that left his trainer with a blue eye. The build up to the fight has been very entertaining for both Cassper and AKA fan’s on social media however, it has cause some tension none the less.

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The match is set to take place in 2021 but in the meantime let’s look at all the times that Cassper vowed to knock the day lights out of AKA.

1. ” I can’t wait to get in the ring with small boy”


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2 ” Don’t wanna post to much cause he’s going to run”


3 ” I can’t wait to shut ya’ll up”


4 ” I can’t wait to instill some discipline”


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5 ” LOL, With those toothpicks”

  Cassper Nyovest Vowed To K.O AKA At Their Upcoming Boxing Match


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