5 Signs Your Man Truly Loves You

5 Signs Your Man Truly Loves You.

Many of you may be in relationships right now. Some in new relationships. Some in long relationships. Some of you may even be married. However, all of you want to be loved. You want to be loved by the man that hopefully you’ll spend your whole life with.


So how do you know that he truly loves you? Is he just saying it to get what he wants from you. How can you be sure that his love is indeed genuine and that there is no ulterior motive?


Men can be pretty hard to read sometimes. The “stereotypical” man usually isn’t as emotional as our better half. We aren’t as in touch with our feelings. We aren’t as affectionate as women. It may even take awhile for us to truly open up to you. To be honest, some men may not even know if they truly love you or not.

Alot of men especially young men tends to confuse love with sexual attraction. And there is a Difference Between Love And Sex.But today I will tell you how to know if your man Truly loves you.

Sidenote- I am not talking about about FALLING IN LOVE or BEING IN LOVE. My opinions on that are in another article. “Why Falling In Love Isn’t Always A Good Thing”

Your Man Is Loyal

Love Is Loyalty, Compromise And Sacrifice. Contrary to popular belief. Loyalty isn’t being someone’s lap dog, footstool or puppet. Loyalty is being firmly by someone’s side when you have NOTHING to gain from it. Which is why true love is unconditional. A man that’s only with you for convenience is not loyal. A man that’s only with you so he can fuck is not loyal. A man that’s only with you to show off to his friends and family is not loyal.

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A loyal man isn’t going to leave you high and dry if you gain a little weight or if you develop stretch marks. He is going to be with you through the good times and the bad times. The tough times in your relationship will prove his loyalty to you. How does he respond on “rainy days”. If you get into an argument is he already looking to leave the relationship? Do you catch him conversing with other females? Or interacting with other females online.

A loyal man isn’t going to abandon you at your worst. Or put you down. He is going to empower you to get back to being your best. He’s going to protect you and be your shield in times of adversity.

He Makes You A Priority

A man that loves you. Will make you a priority in his life. However I want to note that I’m not saying he’s supposed to be obsessed with you. Love And Obsession are not the same thing. A man that prioritizes you will understand balance as in balancing his time with you, his friends, family and his job. He will make time for you. Whether it’s a long distance relationship or a relationship where you both sleep in the same bed. There won’t be days where you don’t hear from him unless of course it’s an emergency.

Love is compromise. Even if he is busy, he will find a way to work things out. If he works 7 days straight he will find time to link up with you. If he’s away and can’t see you. He’ll videochat you. If he can’t do that at the very least he’ll text you to let you know that he’s okay and that he was thinking of you. Shit, even if a man doesn’t have a phone if he really loves you he WILL find a way to contact you. Trust me.

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Your Pain Is His Pain

A man that truly loves you is going to have a deep connection with you. So much that your pain will be his pain. He will never hurt you intentionally. A man that loves you will never assault you. He will won’t belittle you. He will not verbally tear you down. He will not try to manipulate you. He will respect you. He won’t do things that will cause you pain. Because if you hurt he will hurt as well.

If you are hurt he will do everything in his power to heal the pain. Whether it’s physical emotional or spiritual. He will truly listen to your problems. If you had a horrible day at work he’ll listen to you vent and comfort you. If you’re sore he will offer a massage. He will also take your concerns and opinions seriously. He won’t just disregard them. Or get annoyed at them. He will want to know how you both can work together to make things work.

His Actions Mirrors His Words

“Love Has Hands And Feet.” Is a saying my mother used to always say.

If you want to know if your man loves you. Watch his actions. If a man yells “I love you!” and his actions doesn’t prove it. Is he really making a sound? Probably not. He won’t play games with you saying one thing and doing another. He will value honesty and integrity at least when it comes to you. He doesn’t need to boast about the things he does he will just do them.

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He won’t do things for you in exchange for favors. He will do them because he wants to. Because he wants to see you happy. When he makes promises he does his absolute best to keep them. He Will Say “I Love You” Without Even Saying The Words. You will see that by how he supports you during tough times. How he listens to you. How he goes out of his way to please you. How he shows you affection and lastly how he makes time for you. If a man truly loves you he will show it.

He Sacrifices For You

Love is Sacrifice. You will know if your man loves you. If you get to a point in your relationship where he has to, or chooses to sacrifice something to save the relationship or to make you happy. Time, Money, and Personal Goals. In a relationship, some of these things may be sacrificed for the good of a relationship.

Even if it’s little sacrifices. Like turning the football game off to talk to you. Telling his friends “maybe next week guys” so that he can spend a little more time with you. Or sleeping with you without any blankets on, freezing because women love to steal them in the middle of sleep. The beauty of it is. If he truly loves you. You don’t have to fight with him to make these sacrifices. A Lot of the time men will just do it. Because we genuinely want to make you happy.

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