5 Reasons Why Most African Women Prefer Dating Foreign Men

Reasons Why Most African Women Prefer Dating Foreign Men || African women are daredevils for real. Even when they are supposed to tone down their behaviour and stick to their level, something still blinds them, making them fall head over heel for ogas and the likes. Even when they hear about foreign men assaulting and killing black women, or Dubai men blackmailing their baes, they still choose to taste the waters. Why?

1.Wealth and riches.

These men live in the leafy suburbs and gated communities around cities. They cruise around in Aston Martins, Mercedes and Range Rover They are successful business persons or holding high ranking positions in leading multinational companies. Who doesn’t love money, especially when it comes through easily? In short, they admire their wealth.

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2.Personal expectation.

He is from abroad. In the movies that most African women have watched, they have acquired this mentality that foreigners are very great men compared to their own. She expects that he will fly her to Diani, shop for her in Dubai and spend heavily on her.They fail to differentiate between acting and real life. Driven by illusions, she will go for a hunting spree of such men.

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3.A high class of romance.

They don’t just kiss, they kiss good. Foreign Men are know for their high class romance.; Kisses for breakfast, expensive gifts among other sweet things. Generally, they will open doors for their women, drive them home, kiss them in public, just to prove to the rest of the world that they are in love. Unlike their counter parts, they are afraid to shower their partners  with romance.

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4.Spirit of adventure.

Most African women are very curious. After tasting what is home, they are tempted to have a piece of new flesh from more diverse cultures. They will not hesitate to hit clubs and parties, to hook up with them.

5.Culture and beliefs.

Let’s be honest here, that fame and pride that is associated with you dating Foreign Men is beyond imagination. Your friends will feel jealous and admire your affair. They will treat you differently and respect you. African women love it when they are adored.

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