48year Old man, Who rapes women and ejaculates in their mouth Finally arrested -Photos

Man Who rapes women and ejaculates in their mouth Finally arrested || A suspected serial r_pist, who posed as a public transporter, was yesterday hauled to court charged for his gruesome attacks on female transport seekers.

Gilbert Mugodi 48, was not asked to plead when he appeared before Harare magistrate Richard Ramaboa who remanded him in custody and referred him to the High Court for bail consideration.

Mugodi would pose as a transport provider to desperate female transport seekers and later r_pe them before ej_culating in their mouths.

On the FIRST COUNT, Prosecutor Sabastian Mutizirwa alleged that on March 7 2020, Mugodi was driving a Toyota Raum registered ABH 2877 at around 8 pm. The first complainant boarded and sat on the front seat as there were two other passengers at the back seat.

Gilbert Mugodi

It is reported that Mugodi drove to Mbudzi roundabout where the other passengers disembarked and he was left with the complainant.

When they were alone, the State alleges Mugodi told her that he was going to pick a passenger at Boka and would drive her to Hopley afterwards. He then drove along Harare-Masvingo and turned right at Amalinda road to a bushy area in Ushewokunze then parked his car.

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Mugodi ordered the complainant to suck his manhood and she refused. He then attacked her with a shocker torch and told her he was a ‘satanist.’

48year Old man Who rapes women and ejaculates in their mouth Finally arrested
48year Old man Who rapes women and ejaculates in their mouth Finally arrested

The complainant then complied before he ordered her to remove her underwear, r_ped her and later ej_culated in her mouth.

After the s_xual attack, he drove his car to High Glen Road with his lights off and threatened the complainant that her children would die if she disclosed the incident to anyone.

On getting home, she told her husband that her phone had been stolen and left out the r_pe incident, which she later told her woman pastor who advised her to file a report which she did at ZRP Glen Norah.

48year Old man Who rapes women and ejaculates in their mouth Finally arrested
48year Old man Who rapes women and ejaculates in their mouth Finally arrested

In counts four and five, the complainant boarded Mugodi’s car on May 23 at around 7 pm at Mapuranga bus stop in Machipisa destined for Budiriro.

On the way, Mugodi told the complainant that he wanted to pick up his friend at Olivine then they would proceed to Budiriro.

She agreed as transport was scarce due to the lockdown restrictions but as they got to Olivine, Mugodi told the complainant that he was a ‘satanist’ and also a human trafficker but on that day he didn’t want to spill blood so she had to comply with what he was going to demand.

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Mugodi reportedly then switched on an electric shocker and ordered her to remove her trousers saying he wanted to have s_xual intercourse with her, she pleaded for the use of protection but he refused.

He then threatened her with the electric shocker. He r_ped her, took her cellphone and US$25 then dropped her near Mashwede Complex.

She reported the incident immediately.

On another count, the State alleges that the complainant was travelling from Machipisa to Mufakose when she was approached by Mugodi who offered her transport and r_ped her along the way.

He had approached her, telling her that there were some people who wanted to kill her for rituals.

On the next count, the State alleges that on August 11 at around 5 pm, the complainant was looking for transport at Mapuranga bus stop along High Glen Road to Chitungwiza when Mugodi approached her on foot, asking where she was going.

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After she told him that she was going to Chitungwiza, he went to get his car -a Toyota Wish that had other passengers.

Three disembarked before they got to Chitungwiza.

The complainant was left with Mugodi and another person who is currently at large. They turned into Hopley Road and drove to Ushewokunze then parked in a bushy area where three men arrived wearing black, red and green garments with large clay pots.

Mugodi reportedly told the three men that he wanted to sacrifice the complainant and threatened to put her in the clay pot.

Mugodi and his accomplice then r_ped the complainant at the same time in their car, and when she shouted for help, they threatened to kill her.

After r_ping her Mugodi searched her pockets and stole her phone and US$550 before dragging her out of the car and leaving her at the scene where she was helped by passers-by who called her father.

On August 23, the complainant’s mother discovered that her phone was being used on Whatsapp and the number was tracked leading to Mugodi’s arrest.

He was positively identified by the complainant. –



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