46-year-old Man killed and eaten by pack of hyenas which dragged him from bedroom

BULAWAYO – A man was attacked and killed by hyenas inside his bedroom after returning home late at night from a bar, parks officials said.

Only the head, legs and arms were recovered after the animals attacked on Monday night.

National Parks spokesman Tinashe Farawo said rangers had been deployed to the Holy Cross area in the Midlands district of Mvuma to hunt down the six hyenas which killed 46-year-old Tendai Maseka.

“He was dragged from his bedroom and devoured by the hyenas. A villager found Maseka’s remains on Tuesday morning before alerting other members of the community and our rangers. The spoor of the pack of hyenas was seen at the scene,” Farawo said.

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“Parks rangers are on the ground tracking down the hyenas which have become a menace in the area. Members of the public are advised to stay alert as these hyenas are now invading homes and attacking people.”

He said the hyenas are believed to have recently killed six cattle and several goats in the area.

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Maseka was last seen leaving Holy Cross business centre where he drank beer with friends. He lived alone in Banure Village, which is in a resettlement area where homes are a good distance apart.

“There was blood all over the bedroom meaning these hyenas attacked him while he was in his bedroom and later dragged him outside and devoured him,” Chirumanzu District Development Coordinator Vafias Hlabati told The Chronicle.

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His cries for help would not have been heard because of the distance to the next home, Hlabati said.

Hyenas are primarily nocturnal animals which venture out of their lairs late at night to scavenge for food, although they will also attack and kill any animals they can overcome. Hyena attacks on humans are very rare.

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