4 Reasons Why Men Don’t Make Love To Their Wives

4 Reasons Why Men Don’t Make Love To Their Wives || Men want sex always and in any way. That is the deep belief of many concerned wives, often completely clueless with the real reason that men have stopped displaying that basic behavior.

 How come you don’t want me? No longer wants me?

What are the reasons why men stop being interested in sex with their stable partner, leaving or leaving her in doubt.

Many women think that only they have libido problems, but hormones are only a small part of the formula. How do you go from the desire of the beginning to the indifference, the burden or the paralyzing problems in bed?

Here are a few options, more common than a simple loss of interest.

  • Reasons Why Men Don’t Make Love To Their Wives

Technical problems

According to data from the book ‘Why do men stop making love. The phenomenon of sexless relationships and what can be done ‘, problems related to erection or ejaculation are less important than they think.

When they do not have sex with their husband, they tend to think that the cause is physical. A 39% believe that erectile dysfunction is, 20% believed to premature ejaculation and 27 percent think that the problem is the difficulty ejaculating.

The main causes that they adduce when they are asked why they have stopped doing it with his wife are different. The proportion of men who selected these three ‘technical’ problems was 30, 16, and 15 percent, respectively.


34% of men in this phase of their relationship attribute it to being depressed. Women tend to overestimate this factor, placing it at 57%. Perhaps this great difference comes from that discouragement is a common excuse for unfaithful men.

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Of course, it is not because “they have become homosexual”, at least it is not habitual. Only 1% gave that answer. Nor that they are busy, another good excuse that is more apparent than real.

Only 6% of those interviewed say they would like to do more and they don’t have time. And who doesn’t find a time for that if they feel like it? The average duration of the sexual act does not usually exceed 15 minutes.

Apart from discouragement, there are many antidepressant medications that decrease desire. If it happens to your partner and you are taking something, it is very likely that you are related.


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4 Reasons Why Men Don’t Make Love To Their Wives
4 Reasons Why Men Don’t Make Love To Their Wives

The majority

These are actually the most common reasons, and some of them are also typical for women.

  • “My partner is not very adventurous in sex.” This sounding so emotional and ambiguous, that some would relate more to the topics about them, is a very frequent reason why they lose sexual interest. That his girl always wants the same thing, that he is not surprised, that he bores her, in short, it is deadly for the male libido. 68 percent, no less, marks it as the determining reason.
  • ‘It seems she doesn’t enjoy it.’ Many women believe that they are worth anything and that they are satisfied as long as there is a certain frequency (or that there is something). This is not the case at all: if sex is not good, the man will be unsatisfied, even if he occasionally has orgasms. They are not machines. Up to 61% end up preferring to leave the subject if they cannot get their partner to the top of pleasure in bed.
  • “I’m interested in doing it … with others.” 48 percent of men seem to have lost their sense of novelty and have almost completely dissociated their desire from their woman’s body. We are very afraid that there is no going back. They also experience it: it happens to 25% of women who no longer do it with their man.
  • They do not grasp that their husbands see them as little ‘adventurous’, or that it affects them not to see them enjoy, and they do not know when they are interested in other
  • ‘I’m mad at her.’ Low moods and nerves affect the eyes. Like them, go. The percentages are almost the same: 44 and 45% respectively.
  • ‘I’m bored’. Directly related to the absence of adventure is boredom. If they believe that his wife is desirable and that his personality does not have any problem, but they do not find a way to have fun with her, up to 41% of men can end up leaving the physical side of the relationship.
  • ‘She is depressed.’ If we see the other sad and listless, it will infect us. Between 36 and 40% of people of both sexes mark this factor.
  • “I no longer find her attractive.” Although it sounds harsh, it may be the easiest t
  • “I no longer find her attractive.” Although it sounds harsh, it may be the easiest thing to fix. We can all join the gym, eat a little better and take more care of our image, or at least it is more accessible than suddenly becoming someone more adventurous, or focusing on competing with possible rivals (when the problem is that you are interested in sex with others persons). However, at least according to their own confession, this is not such a central reason: only nine percent choose it. They value it a little more according to these data, 19% of them believe that it is the reason for the estrangement of the couple.
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Why are they wrong

The difference between what actually happens and what they think happens is most striking is in these three cases:

  1. They do not think that her husband sees them as little ‘adventurous’.
  2. They do not understand that it affects them that they do not seem to enjoy.
  3. They don’t know that they are interested in others.
  4. The moral seems clear to us, dear reader. Once the physical motives have been discarded and if there is still affection, it may be worth trying to seduce him again and show him how much you like him, at least for a time. We know it is difficult, but try not to fall into reproach, it is useless and sometimes very counterproductive.
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If the worst is over and you are with another … there are many fish in the sea. || 4 Reasons Why Men Don’t Make Love To Their Wives ||




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