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35-year-old female teacher confesses to having amazing s.e.x with 17-year-old student

35-year-old female teacher confesses to having amazing s.e.x with 17-year-old student. A former English teacher who also admitted to having s.e.x with her 17-year-old student claimed he was ‘in love with her’ is likely to face up to 12 years in prison. An English teacher who was dragged to court has expressed and anger towards the person who ‘snitched’ on them.

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Abby Dibbs, 35, was charged with s.e.xual assault after confessing to having s.e.x with her student on two occasions at her home last weekend.

According to the criminal complaint, the 17-year-old boy confirmed the relationship to detectives, stating he was ‘in love’ with Dibbs and was upset with the person who ‘snitched’ on their involvement.

Portage PD Sgt. Max Jenatscheck announced that Dibbs had said she and the student had explained how they felt about each other and how there were lines that they could not cross. He added: ‘Dibbs admitted that these lines were then crossed.’

Court documents show that the teen’s mother said she was glad the person who reported the inappropriate relationship did the right thing. Dibbs has been released on $3,500 bail under conditions barring her from contact with a 17-year old boy, stating no unsupervised contact with other children other than her own child, and a prohibition against being at Portage High School.


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