3 Signs A Girl Likes You,But Is Trying To Hide It

3 Signs A Girl Likes You,But Is Trying To Hide It .

Girls hate to be rejected, so if they are in love with a guy, chances are that she will hide her feelings. Only a few girls will have the boldness to walk up to a guy and tell him how she likes him. These kinds of girls are the desperate ones.

As a guy, you must learn to understand girls and be able to interpret their behaviors.

In this article, we will be looking at 3 Signs a girl likes you, but trying to hide it from you.

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She Gets Angry At You Often


This sign is common with girls. When you like someone, it is expected that you smile at the person, so the girl will try to do the exert opposite. She will pretend that to dislikes you and occasionally will get angry with you without solid reasons.

Get Nervous Around You

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Again, you know she is trying to hide her feelings, so she will pretend not to feel anything, but a girl can never completely hide those feelings. She will become very nervous around you. This is because she is conscious of her feelings, and she is trying to hide them.

She Takes Her Time To Respond To You

This happens when you talk to the girl on a phone call or chat. She will take her time to respond to you. This is because she doesn’t what it to seem clear that she likes you, but she is also afraid of pushing you away.

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