3 reasons why people chase those they can’t have

Reasons why people chase those they can’t have || Have you ever been in a situation where you need something but can not get it? Yeah, it’s the same thing that happens to those who come along to catch something they can’t have.

There are many explanations why people do so and here are some of the reasons;

1. People believe that being accepted by them will add value to us

It’s so sad how people believe they can make one ‘s value rise by being accepted with people of high rank. That’s why people spend a lot of time chasing things they can’t get just as a way to try to add value to themselves.

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2. People are attracted to the unknown

People typically find themselves attracted to people that they have no idea about. As a consequence, the desire of being with persons that we can’t have to happen to out-do the people’s reasoning of thinking straight.

3. People want to prove to themselves and others that they’re worthy of being with them

Many people struggle hard to pursue others that they can’t have to prove themselves and others around them how they always get what they want in life.

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