29-year-old man goes on his knees to propose love to his SHS girlfriend, Is time to chew ourselves [Video]

A video gives an account of an older man confessing love to a young naive SHS student.

Per the content of the video, the man went on his knees, invited the young girl and placed a proposal ring on her finger.

The young girl proudly accepted the proposal while her mates watched on with utter shock. She proceeded to ask the man to stand up, walked past her friends shyly while she flaunted the ring.

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Interestingly, the two new couple proceeded to exchange a hug as a way to cement their love as they open a new chapter for their love life.

With a high sense of fulfilment, the man followed the young girl gingerly as she walked back into her room. Many have been aghast by the video especially when the girl looked too young to be a wife-in-waiting.

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Watch Video Below:


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