21 Times A Month And You Will Live A Long Life:Men encouraged To Have More S*x

Men Encouraged to Have Sex 21 Times Per Month

Men encouraged To Have More Sex  || The prevalence of prostate cancer among black men is a cause for concern as cases of men diagnosed with prostate cancer continue to rise.

The new trends now convey that prostate cancer is the most common cancer among Zimbabwean males with high cases being recorded from 2004 to date.

The spike in death related to prostate cancer is quite worrisome. In light of the increase in cases of prostate cancer, the Cancer Association of Zimbabwe (CAZ) at a Press Conference held in Chinhoyi, urged married and sexually active Zimbabwean men to increase the frequency of having sex and ejaculation.

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Priscilla Mangwiro, who is a CAZ information officer, said according to scientific discovery, men who are not sexually active were more vulnerable to the disease.

“Prostate cancer is on the rise and besides encouraging men to eat healthily, we now encourage them to be sexually active and at least have 21 (climaxes) in a month as discovered by researchers.

“Twenty-one (climaxes) in a month can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 33 percent as it may flush toxins out of the system,” she said.

Mangwiro argued that men should stick to one partner and that this revelation wasn’t a ticket for men to start sleeping around with different partners. Having multiple partners also causes prostate cancer and sexually transmitted diseases

“Research has also made it clear that men should only drink three pints of beer in a week and women a glass of wine to reduce the risk of cancer.

“Continuous consumption of meat is another major cause of cancer and people should just eat meat which fills the palm of their hand in a week,” she added.

Apparently more people are now dying of cancer as compared to other diseases like HIV and AIDS. She urged people to go for regular check-ups, as about 81 percent of cancer cases are diagnosed very late.

“People should, therefore, eat healthily and go for cancer screening regularly as we have realized many people die because of late diagnosis through cancer is not supposed to be killing anyone,” said Mangwiro.

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