2020 Miss Uganda Goes nak*ed photo shot released Online – photos

City socialite and super model Doreen Kabareebe Leaves A Pass Salivating Over Nude Photos in this New Shot

City socialite and super model Doreen Kabareebe is again at the center of criticism from revelers and critics after posing completely naked in the new photoshoot.

The trending pics on social media of the 2020 Miss Uganda finalist showing off her behind which were taken days ago have attracted a lot of attention from horny men mention singer A Pass who has been left salivating as he yearned for a piece of Western Uganda’s beauty export’s flesh.

Though Kabareebe through a disclaimer calmed down her secret admirers by advising them zoom her latest works so as to satisfy their desires, the “Didadadada” singer has hit the comment section while crying out to the model to turn around so that he can be able to enjoy the full view of her flesh.

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“You could see full pic when you zoom,” said Doreen Kabareebe.

“Turn around????,” pleaded APass.

Let us hope the Anti-pornography committee of Uganda won’t summon the top model for questioning on issues related to obscenity.

2020 Miss Uganda Goes naked photo shot released Online








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