19-year-old Miss Rasidat Salami Who Became A ‘Keke’ Rider In Ekiti Opens Up About The Tricycle Business

A 19-year-old female ‘keke’ rider, Miss Rasidat Salami has talked about her tricycle business and how she copes in the male-dominated industry.

Miss Rasidat Salami, a 19-year-old secondary school leaver, says that she finds operating tricycle, popularly called ‘Keke’ very lucrative and interesting, PM News reports.

Speaking in Ado Ekiti on Thursday,Miss Rasidat Salami said that she went into it to prove that women could also excel in male-dominated fields.

“I took to tricycle commercial operation because I believe the job is not meant for only males as believed by some people.

“For those women who are interested in this job, they must not be ashamed, but be courageous and be determined.

“Operating a commercial tricycle is currently paying my bills and I am comfortable with the proceeds I am making from it now.

She said that she was operating a brand new one and delivering N2,500 daily to its owner since she did not have her own ‘Keke’.

“I make an average of N6,000 daily when passengers’ patronage is high.

“I deliver N2,500 to the owner of the ‘Keke’ I operate presently on a daily basis.”

“What I make in a month is more than what some other salary earners receive monthly,’’ she said.

She said that she used to ply the popular Okeyinmi Area, Afao/Prisons Road, in Ado-Ekiti.

“I enjoy the cordial relationship of my male colleagues who are also operators of tricycles.

She advised other women to take up works that could earn them legitimate money instead of engaging in prostitution and other illicit businesses.

“My fellow women can take up commercial tricycle operation,’’
Salami said.

She said that she was willing to seek admission into a higher institution of her choice as soon as she was able to save enough money for it.

She said that she finished from Are/Afao Comprehensive High School in Irepodun/Ifelodun Local Government Area of Ekiti.

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