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Times Zimbabwean Women Broke The Internet With Their Antics || A lot has been said about Zimbabwean women however they’re rarely celebrated.

Most of  Zimbabwean women, are at the centre of lewd jokes, body shaming, sl_ut shaming and thinly veiled insults which come off as praise.

While we drag Zimbabwean women for one thing or another, we’re busy praising and admiring foreign women for the exact same thing.

So without much ado we’ll get to right to it and give you ten Zimbabwean Women, who have broken the internet with their antics, some which created controversy and some which just left people in awe.

Here are the top 10 in no particular order by Thatcelebrity.com

1. Pokello Nare

10 Times Zimbabwean Women

Known as the Queen Of Swagger, Pokello Nare has made a name for herself in the entertainment and fashion industry. From her Big Brother Africa stint, to having her own shoe line, her philanthropic work, Pokello is a force to be reckoned and her brand has withstood the test of time.

Her photoshoots always break the internet because of how impeccable she looks. She’s one of those icons who breaks the internet without trying too hard.

2. Misred

The radio and TV personality is well liked because of her bubbly persona, candidness and promoting body image for women. Misred is a champion of positive body image among women and has shown women that they don’t have to look a certain way to be loved or liked.

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10 Times Zimbabwean Women

We won’t be forgetting this ‘Kadash’ pause which set the internet on fire.

3.  Vimbai Zimuto

 Times Zimbabwean Women Broke The Internet With Their Antics
Times Zimbabwean Women Broke The Internet With Their Antics

The songstress first raised eyebrows with her steamy Hapana Kwaunoenda video and then followed by photos in the nude which made her the talking point for a very long time.

She has often said in the past, her exhibitionism is her way of fighting back against the se_xual abuse she suffered while growing up.

4. Ammara Brown

The talented songstress and performer is way ahead of her peers in terms of her musical style and range which appeals more to an international audience as evidenced by her Kora award nominations.


Ammara once brought the internet in their knees with her risqué pose which had many people raving about it for weeks.

5. Patie Nyathi

Patie Nyati

Although she likes being low-key, Patie Nyathi  has quite a rap as one of the Queens from the South side of the country. She has shown us why Bulawayo is the city of Queens.

Patie nyati

We won’t forget her thirsty girl picture, chugging some opaque beer (scud) on the road.

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6. Kikky Badass

Kikky is one woman who doesn’t hold back, be it speaking her mind, working her songs or being in front of the camera.


Her video of Body Conversations, caused so much heat and talk around town. Then she served the audience with a couple of risqué photos which set tongues wagging.

7. Moana

Moana Zimbabwean Women

The Fitness Bunny broke into the scene with her exercise regimen and body goals. Not long after, she was serving the audience pictures of her workout sessions and yoga poses. Let’s just say they got quite an eyeful, wishful thinking and fantasies were born.

Times Zimbabwean Women Broke The Internet With Their Antics

If you want a workout with style, then Moana might be your go to girl.

8. Luminitsa Jemwa


Luminitsa is one of the socialites who have their stuff together so to speak. She’s not just smoke and mirrors, she walks the talk. She’s broke the internet several times, from her hot photos, internet wars, bragging rights, dance alongs and prize offerings she’s been there done that. She’s quite a hard act to follow.

9. Nadia Nakai

Nadia Nakai

The SA based rapper has made quite a name for herself in the music industry. She has managed to rub shoulders with the big celebrities like Cassper Nyovest who is her mentor and good friend.

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Nadia N

She once set tongues wagging after taking a photo without her makeup and people were shocked at how different she looks, but she was cool about it and went on doing her thing

10. Mai Titi

Mai Titi

Mai Titi is the ultimate drama mama and she deserves her own reality show because her well never runs dry.

We’ve honestly forgotten all the time Mai Titi has broke the internet, because she always has something up her sleeves.

She’s hot headed, impulsive but she has a golden heart which always keeps the fans and revelers  on their toes.

She’s no faker either, what you see is what you get with her and she clearly doesn’t give a damn about being liked. Her unyielding characteristic is what makes her lovable, relatable and entertaining.

On the Bonus we have Beverly Sibanda

.Well the thing with Bev is ,once you give her the music, she will break something definitely.


SOURCE: Thatcelebrity.com




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