10 Reasons Women Like To Have Casual Sex

Reasons Women Like To Have Casual Sex || There are those who find the ‘love of their life’ as soon as their sexual partners are reduced to one or two until the rest of their days. But for the vast majority of people, gambling on ‘trial and error’ is their daily bread, and many people try more than once to go to bed with strangers.

According to statistics, 70% claim to have had casual sex with someone they just met, and in Kenya we do not stray from these figures.

Doing it one night can give positive psychological reinforcement to some people

Adventures of a night that until not many years ago were directly related to men: promiscuous like themselves, they went out to ‘hunt’ some beautiful damsel from time to time, and they were also unfaithful.

Already. Whether we like it or not, we live in a world where the norm for young (and not so young) adults is based on experiencing and enjoying sex with different people.

They usually reach orgasm

It is estimated that approximately 50% of women are less likely than men to have an orgasm during casual sex.

Of course, we are facing a percentage that does not differ too much from the number of times they achieve it when they have a stable partner, and they know it.

While they may not climax, there are an increasing number of women who walk the ‘path of shame’ the next morning with a victory under their arms

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They carry it in their genes

There are also evolutionary reasons that explain why women are liable to be tempted to have sex with strangers.

If you carry the DRD4 gene, you are more likely to enjoy casual sex (and also more likely to be unfaithful)

Animal instinct

Evolutionary scientists continue to err that sex is only important for reproducing ourselves, especially for women.

Thus, they ensure that women are much more likely to sleep with a stranger when they are ovulating and are more likely to become pregnant

If strangers are more attractive to them, it is possibly more viable for their sperm to fertilize.

Irresistible men

As researchers from Brunel University explained, while men could often have casual sex regardless of how attractive the woman is, they are much more likely to get carried away if the other person really attracts them.

Already put, they go with the handsome man of the group and not with the first one who invites them to a jug of carafe.

They have wide hips

The width of the women’s hip circumference and their sexual history are closely related. This was confirmed by a study carried out at the University of Leeds in which they discovered that women with wide hips enjoy occasional sexual intercourse more frequently than those who are thin and are, as they say, ‘narrow bone’.

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Some use casual encounters to prove how ‘perverted’ they can be in sex

Very much in line with the previous point, the researchers explained that this may be due to the fact that the former are unconsciously less concerned that labor may hurt.

Makes them happy

Unfortunately, according to a recent study, while 80% of men have positive feelings the morning after a one-night stand, just 54% of women feel the same way.

The truth is that there is a large amount of research that links ‘sleeping with someone’ to depression and anxiety in women, but there is also as much evidence that doing it one night can give positive psychological reinforcement to some people,

Feel free

Although it is one of the most repeated topics in romantic comedies, women who opt for casual sex are not looking for love or a long-term relationship.

The freedom of the here and now and the ‘we’ll see tomorrow’ mark the moment.

The better you feel about yourself, the more likely the experience is to be more positive

Strengthens your self-esteem

When they are shy, easily embarrassed, or unsure of their sexual abilities, having sex with someone they like gives them confidence and this makes ‘hell’ much more comfortable for them

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Apart from the fact that it is not so easy to find that ‘someone’ with whom to connect at all levels, in the hypothetical case of finding him, a new problem arises: getting used to always doing it with the same person ends up translating into insecurities regarding his physique and if they are good or not in bed. As they have not tried more things, they do not know if they measure up.

Out of spite

According to a survey conducted by the University of Missouri, a high percentage of people who practice casual sex actually do it as a natural defense mechanism after being rejected by their partner.

In many cases they seek to reaffirm themselves as women, feel sexy and attractive and ensure that, after losing their partner, they are able to go to bed with a new person and enjoy sex without having to be in confidence.


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