10 Major Signs You’re Not The Only One She’s Sleeping With

Signs you are not the only guy in her life || Have it at the back of your mind that some women are manipulative and astounding liars. Sometimes they do things just to throw you off and at other times, they are caught up within themselves and those signs may give a wrong impression.

So how would you know you aren’t the only man she is seeing?

• Consistent Nagging

The days of harmonious communication are gone when a women decides to do nothing but nag. Basically, she will find every excuse to lash out and argue with you. The reason a woman will do this is to justify her deed by rationalizing that it wasn’t working out with your anyway. It helps eliminate a lot of her guilt. So if a woman starts to point out every flaw and starts arguments about every little thing then it could be a sign that she has been unfaithful or is going to.

• The Phone Is Face Down

If you find out that her phone is placed far down whenever you’re with her, she’s probably hooking up with another dude. Why do you think a lady would have her phone face down whenever she’s with you? She’s obviously hiding something and what do you think she’d want to hide from the man she’s dating? Of course it’s an instant messaging notification, text message or call from a guy she’s wiTh.

• Sudden Wardrobe Changes

If your girl goes into makeover mode and tears through the mall like Sonic the Hedgehog on a mission, you should take notice. Most women have an affinity for retail, but if her shopping takes on a rabid focus seemingly out of nowhere, you should ask yourself why she has become invested in reinventing herself.

Again, it’s about a departure from the norm. If your girl normally puts on a full face of make-up to run errands, don’t think twice about her putting on mascara to go to the dry-cleaners. But if she’s a sweats-and-Chapstick type of chick, and she suddenly starts taking an hour to get ready to go out (particularly, without you), you have a reason to worry.

• She Checks But Does Not Respond To Certain Texts

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Almost all girls engage in some form of teasing on their phones with their friends. They enjoy sending messages to each other and replying instantly. Notice when you’re with her, how she smiles and responds to her girlfriend’s messages. Now think of when she gets a notification and fails to respond to it. It’s obviously a guy. This sign is a bit tricky given the fact that girls will have lots of guys calling and texting them and as such difficult to assess. But if she’s always checking her messages and fails to respond to them, she’s probably doing so cause it’s from a person she doesn’t want you to know about.

• Denying you the honeypot

Most girls won’t want you to give them cunnilingus when it’s less than a day that another guys penis was in there. Of course, there are times when they are just not in the mood for it or they’ve not had their baths in hours or she feels her period is almost here. Despite how conniving women may be, they have subtle respect for their regular guys and wouldn’t want his mouth where another guy’s stick has been.

Also, when she suddenly starts giving you unexpected blowjobs which she previously didn’t, know that she feels guilty that she’s doing the same to some other guy. If she refuses you sex at times, it could be she just recently made out with someone else on the same day. It’s most important to get girls to be free and open with you and I guarantee that you’d be shocked at what you discover. Some of them have no problems sleeping with more than one guy on the same day or making out with other girls as much as they do with you.

• She Suddenly Becomes Mother Theresa

She becomes overtly good and domestic. Some women tend to punish themselves when they cheat especially if they cheated on a man who is faithful. They give themselves personal penance. She would wake up by 12 midnight to washcloths, Iron your clothes before 4am. Wash your car for no reason. Cook your favorite meal without demanding money. Bro, she done Bleep up.. Bring her down and question her with a promise to forgive. When she starts telling you about a friend that she has plans with without explicitly stating if it’s a man or woman, chances are the so-called friend is a dude. This one is self-explanatory. Girls that are more deceptive in nature would rather completely withhold information from you than lying about who the friend is.

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• The Surprise Shave

If you have had surprise sex with her and perhaps a couple of times when she wasn’t shaved and you discover her to be randomly shaved all of a sudden, she is probably looking forward to sex from someone else. This is even more true if she’s shaved on a day she’s not expected to see you.

• She Starts Blaming You For Everything

If your previously secure girlfriend suddenly goes into paranoia mode, you should take notice. If she snaps at you over seemingly innocent actions (basically, anything on this list, but in small, completely commonplace increments), she might be trying to throw you off her scent. By focusing your attention to your perceived failings, you’ll be less apt to interrogate her about her actual foul play, which is just the way she’d like it.

• She Tells You That She is Unhappy

It’s easy to misinterpret any of the aforementioned signals as infidelity when in actuality, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation. But, if you start noticing that the signs are slowly piling up, and she’s recently admitted she’s no longer happy in the relationship, you might be on the verge of a full-fledged confession.

Guilt is a tricky emotion, and she might feel that by fessing up to her flailing satisfaction in the relationship, she is offering you (and herself) an explanation for her selfish actions. Or, she could be gearing up to act on a long-held impulse, and making her excuses in advances so she can later utter, “I told you so,” with aplomb


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• She Thinks You’re Insecure

If your woman ever tell you that you are so insecure. Bro she banging outside. Though it was her choice to stray if she did, women sometimes cheat when they feel like they’re partner is being too clingy or accusing them of being interested in someone else. It’s almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy, House says. “Unless you truly do want her to see you through your tainted glasses, don’t point out your insecurities and physical flaws,” she suggests. “If you constantly question if you are good enough for her, she might start to wonder the same thing… and look for something better.”`

In conclusion

Basically, she will become very cold towards you. She won’t answer your phone calls. She won’t tell you that she loves you. She won’t include you in her life whatsoever. All of a sudden, she’ll invite someone else to the ballet with her. She won’t care how you are feeling or what problems are going on in your relationship. All that she cares about “I” and how she can get closer to her new man. While it may sound harsh, it is the reality of cheating and this sign, along with the others, are clear signs that she may be seeing someone else.

Lastly, remember these signs are not perfect and they do not completely tell if she’s with someone else but are definitely things you should be on the lookout for. Nowadays, it is best to think she’s sleeping with some other guy until the time you’re proven wrong.

|| Signs you are not the only guy in her life ||  Major Signs You’re Not The Only One She’s Sleeping With




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