10 hottest, slender and most popular Ugandan babes Today

A list of 10 hottest, popular Ugandan babes Today.

American model-bodies are not only meant for the whites, but also blacks in Uganda.

Instead of curvy acres, these popular grand daughters of Adam and Eve boast of hot, gorgeous and slender bodies, plus Ant-like waists which can be easily held firmly between the sheets. To achieve this kind of drop-dead gorgeous figure, one has to be on a good diet, hits gym frequently to cut the fats, swim so often, do Yoga and most importantly have remarkable romps like thrice a week, according to scientists.

Being a pearl of Africa, Uganda is not only blessed abundantly with milk and honey but also with hot and slender babes who have continuously raised our national flag from border to border.

We have the pictorial evidence of the 10 most outstanding popular Ugandan beauties;

Judith Heard

Judith Heard is a tried and tasted famous model who has represented us well on the international scene. She is a proud Nalongo but very few can tell owing to her dope body, tall and slender legs.

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Prim Asiimwe

Talk of the the beautiful and unique voices on radio, Prim arguably comes on top. List all the tall, Gorgeous and smart female Radio personalities you know in the country, still this proud Muzzinyi tops that list with no fuss! Prima Asiimwe, mother of one is relatively small, slender but has a ‘bright future behind her’ and one of those popular babes with no ‘fallen soldiers’. Make no mistake, she is on this list too.

Sheila Gashumba

Even her haters bow down! Sheilah Gashumba, 25, is young, hot, slender and popular. Her figure, height and color makes her stand out. One can say she is a true Omuvandimwe but she’s our very own. Since childhood, she’s been in the limelight! She makes her own money and of course her body has always made things happen. Ani wakana?

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Fifi Parker

Fifi Parker is a TV personality currently working with STV. She is a definition of a hot, curvy and slender babe. She leaves the audience wowed…most people watch her program because of her looks.

Katrina Nilzero

Katrina Nilzero

If it wasn’t for her body, she wouldn’t be having all the followers she has on her social media pages. Katrina has overwhelming traffic on her pages…both males and females flock on her Instagram account just to shower her with love.

Doreen Kabareebe

She is been there, done that! Doreen Kabareebe features on this list because of her God given remarkable body. She turns heads whenever she makes any public appearance.

DJ Alisha

She is one of the hottest female Deejays we have in the country. Whatever she mixes the crowd especially male party animals just go crazy.

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Vivian Gold Kaitetsi

Fashion brands always associate with her because of her hot looks. Just like Katrina, Vivian Gold’s Instagram account of 222k followers attracts especially male- both married and single ones. Females only go there to envy!

Nina Roz

She needs no introduction but let’s do it. Nina Roz is the most tallest, slender and popular amongst the female artists we have in the country. She stands out in the crowd- thanks to her height, skin color and striking beauty. What else?

Sheilah Parker

She is an Acholi by tribe and calls self Sheila Parker Ayo on Instagram. This stunning beauty is the real meaning of ‘Uganda is a Pearl of Africa’. Very few can compete with this self-proclaimed entrepreneur. She loves chilling in posh hotels and traveling is in her DNA.

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