10 Body language secrets you need to know about

Body language secrets you need to know about || You don’t need to be a mind reader to know what someone is thinking, you just need to know some of the secrets of body language.

You can control what you say quite easily, but it is almost impossible to control your body language, so if you want to know whether a person is telling you the truth, or you need to know if someone really likes you, or not, keep an eye on their arms, legs and their face and you will find the clues that you are looking for. Here are ten body language secrets you need to know about that might just tell you what someone else is really thinking.

Body language secrets you need to know about

1. The tilted head

If you want to know whether a person is really listening to you, or if their mind has wandered elsewhere, then it’s not only their eyes you should be watching. If you see a person tilt their head slightly to one side when you are talking to them, then that is a sign that are really interested in what you are saying and that they are trying to catch your every word.

2. Open palms

Knowing when someone is telling you the truth can be pretty handy too. When someone is being 100% honest, they are quite likely to adopt a very open posture with you. They will hold their arms open and their palms will be opened out and facing up or toward you. It’s a simple, subconscious gesture that is saying: ‘Look, I have nothing to hide’.

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3. Hand rubbing

Rubbing hands together or rubbing face and neck, shows that a person is distressed or anxious about something. If a person starts to do this while you are talking to them, then perhaps something that you have said has worried them. It means that they are concerned about something that they have done or will now have to do.

4. The hand steeple

When someone puts their fingertips together in a steeple shape, then it shows that they want to be taken seriously and that they want you to think that they are intelligent and can be trusted. Be careful when you see this gesture, though, because it’s a well-known technique that politicians use to make you think that they are intelligent, trustworthy people!

5. The power-pose

People use the ‘power-pose’ to make themselves feel more powerful and to show you who is the boss. It’s the typical super hero pose, with the legs spread wide and the hands on the hips. If you see this, then this is someone who either is in charge, or they think they are in charge. Either way, they believe that they have power over you.

6. Watch the feet

If you ever wondered if someone really wants to be sitting with you talking, then check which way their feet are pointing. If a person sits round at a table to face you directly, and their feet are pointing towards you, that is saying that they want you to be with them and they are interested in what you are about to say. If their feet are pointing away from you, then that means they are getting ready to walk away.

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7. The signs of lying

There is no guarantee that you will be able to tell if someone is lying to you, because some people have got lying down to a fine art. Most people, however, are not well practiced at lying, so they give the game away with their body language. Some people blink their eyes rapidly when they lie, and this is because their mind is racing while they try to think up a good story. They may also scratch their nose, which is an attempt to cover their mouth, so that you don’t see that they are lying.

8. What you should make of a handshake

We all know that a handshake should be not too firm, and not too weak, but did you know that the direction a handshake comes from can also tell you a lot about a person? If someone takes your hand form above, with their palm down, then they are trying to assert their dominance over you, whereas a handshake imitated from below, with the palm up, is a sign of weakness and submission.

9. How to tell that someone is not enjoying themselves?

You can easily tell if someone is uncomfortable and not having fun by how they sit. If they are really not enjoying themselves at all, they will sit with their legs tightly crossed, with one ankle locked behind the other. It looks almost as if they are tying themselves down, because what they really want to do is to get up and leave.

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10. How to tell if someone likes you

If you want to know if a guy likes you, then here are a few things to watch out for. If he straightens his tie and smooths down his hair, then that is sign that he wants to impress you and, if he sits close to you and touches your shoulder, he is testing out the water to see if more touching might be appropriate. Mind you, if he folds his arms firmly across his chest when he talks to you, you may as well give up straight away, because, sorry, he’s not interested at all.



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